Types of Knitting Machine Parts That You May Need

Update:29 Jun 2021

Types of Knitting Machine Parts That You May Need Wheth […]

Types of Knitting Machine Parts That You May Need

Whether you need a machine to create some simple projects, or you need one that will aid you in making gorgeous projects for friends, family or loved ones, there is various Knitting Machine Parts that you need to purchase. You can either get these from the manufacturer, or if you are lucky enough, you can find these at an online store. However, if you are purchasing your machine from an online store, you have to be aware of the warranty details. Some manufactures will only provide warranty on their machines and not on their accessories. So before purchasing any part or accessory from these stores, make sure that it is designed and manufactured by the manufacturer and its parts and accessories are genuine and designed according to specifications.

Oil Pump: Most people who are in the need for some knitted machine parts would also need an oil pump. Oil pumps play a very important role in the maintenance of a knitted fabric. Without an oil pump, the fabric can not absorb moisture and this can lead to premature shrinking of the fabric and damage to the knitted edges. The oil pump can either be internal or external. Internal oil pumps require a lot of work to be done and internal ones can also break down with rough use and constant vibration. Therefore, if you require oil pump replacement, then you have to check with the retailer if they will replace the old or worn oil pump with the new one, and at what cost.

Sewing Machine Ribbons and Stitching Needle: Similarly, if you are in need of some knitted fabric parts, then you may also require some stitching devices such as a zipper, a needle or thread for sewing the fabric together. These devices can either be electronic or manual operated. Electronic ones need to be attached to a sewing machine whereas manual operated ones need to be loaded manually onto the sewing machine. The stitching devices that you need depends on the type of stitches you would be doing.