The VVT stator - Customizing Your Engine

Update:06 Jul 2021

The VVT stator - Customizing Your Engine The VVT stator […]

The VVT stator - Customizing Your Engine

The VVT stator is the ultimate solution for your customizing needs of an engine or a complete transmission rebuild. The VVT stator can take your OEM car or truck and with our easy to use computer software, design your own custom upgrade. All that you have to do is cut your new part to fit, drill it, screw it on, and attach a wiring harness to the new piece. The software even allows you to build several different sequences to customize performance and power.

After programming your VVT stator, simply replace your existing non-OEM engine or truck parts with these VVT parts, and install the new VVT stator in the same manner as you would any other aftermarket parts. This will give you more power and efficiency with the same car or truck. To avoid contaminating your new vehicle we carry a full two year warranty on all VVT stators. Our customer service is always there to help you with any question you may have along the way.

The VVT stator makes replacing or repairing your OE engine much simpler and less expensive than traditional aftermarket car or truck parts. Many aftermarket manufacturers do not sell directly to the public. Because of this, you may have to go through a distributor that has an agreement with a particular car or truck manufacturer. With our easy to use computer applications anyone can change or adjust any performance or power source in their vehicle.