Which mainly uses knitting machine accessories to knit knitted fabrics

Update:30 Apr 2021

Knitting machine is a kind of knitting machine which ma […]

Knitting machine is a kind of knitting machine which mainly uses knitting machine accessories to knit knitted fabrics. In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, the technology of knitting machines has also been continuously strengthened. Circular knitting machine is one of the representative characteristics, what are its technical characteristics?

1. Technical characteristics of circular knitting machine

The electronic needle selector for knitting machine accessories has been widely used in the "three power position" single needle selection knitting technology, which has the characteristics of fast needle selection and high efficiency. In addition, it also realizes one machine with multiple functions, multi-function, single-sided and double-sided machine conversion. The domestic circular weft knitting machine adopts foreign advanced supporting equipment, which has improved the level and grade of domestic knitting machines, and the speed of single machine operation has been rapidly improved.

2. Application of new technology

Directly adjust the active triangle from the outside of the machine, accurately change the needle track, and quickly change the knitting varieties. The use of computer-controlled technology to realize the toning thread, jacquard, and transfer knitting on the same machine has increased the number of jacquard colors. Improve the transmission parts of the knitting machine accessories, so that the fabric is wound without creases.

People pay more and more attention to the use of knitting machines because of the continuous expansion of the textile industry. Chinese textiles have been loved by people at home and abroad since ancient times. It is because of the continuous independent innovation of knitting machine accessories in our country and the continuous improvement of craftsmanship to meet the individual needs of people.