VVT Stator Vacuum Technology Review

Update:03 Jun 2021

There are a lot of vacuum technology that are out in th […]

There are a lot of vacuum technology that are out in the market place, but the product line up of  VVT stator is one that will blow you away. First off, there product has two modes, "static" and "with boost". This is an extremely unique feature that sets this apart from all the other vacuum cleaners on the market at this time. With the boost mode, this machine runs extremely quietly making it perfect for those times when you need to sleep and not worry about waking anyone up. The static mode uses a compressor which allows for even more suction power than the original vacuum design allows for.

If you were to ever lay down any sort of carpeting in the VVT stator machine would it be able to lift it? The answer is no, however, there is what is called a "thick layer" coating on the machine which helps to help make sure that it can lift heavy objects such as carpet. I have noticed over the past year or so that my vacuum cleaner has become much heavier than before. This machine does not have a very strong motor, so it is not like some of the other vacuums out there that will literally kick your carpet right out from under you.

I am very happy with the quality of this machine and all the great features that it has. The price is really great for what you get, not only does this machine do an amazing job cleaning, but you can even use it in both the damp and wet conditions. It's just another one of those deals where you pay for what you get. Get yourself a quality VVT stator today and start cleaning like a pro.